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Serious Games

You need to train your workforce to use expensive difficult-to-access equipment under a variety of conditions, including high risk environments - we have a solution for this.

For serious situations...

Games and games technology are already transforming the way we educate and train people at all levels. Serious games can be used for training personnel in what would otherwise be high risk, dangerous or relatively inaccessible environments such as:
  • emergency services
  • mine site orientation and mining equipment
  • industrial facilities
  • military equipment and operations.
The use of the game platform for learning provides adult learners with engaging interactions that improve retention and learning. Research has shown that learning in a 3D environment provides the learner with the feeling of immersion - that they are really there - and this is enhanced in high fidelity virtual worlds. Adult learners also prefer learning that is real-time, applies directly to their work environment and is customisable. Serious games do all of this!

A serious training solution

KBR Training Solutions is developing a comprehensive virtual training solution for the two Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) ships being delivered to the Australian Navy from 2013. These ships are being built by Navantia in Spain and delivered and maintained by BAE Systems Australia.

The LHDs will be the largest ships ever to sail in the Australian Navy fleet and will present a range of new challenges, including determining the best method for providing training that does not impact greatly on the ships' operational availability.

BAE Systems Australia has contracted KBR Training Solutions to provide a comprehensive real-time 3D virtual environment learning experience to address a wide range of training requirements for the new ships. The LHD virtual training solution will utilise and build upon the LHD Ship Walkthrough Computer Model (SWCM) previously delivered by KBR Training Solutions and already accepted by the Australian Navy.

The LHD virtual training solution represents a serious games approach to individual and team based training in a photorealistic, immersive real-time 3D environment. This solution's architecture utilises Crytek's CryEngine® 3 real-time game engine.

Want to know more?

For more information on how a serious games based training solution could solve your training requirements, please contact us.
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