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Technical Documentation

​You want your technical documentation to actually be useful. You need it to be readily accessible and user-focussed because you want your staff to do their jobs productively and proficiently. So do we!

The Challenge

The successful acceptance and up-take of any new or existing process, procedure, IT system or structure is measured by the end user's confidence and competence. Effective technical documentation:
  • Underpins reduced training costs and time
  • Provides clear, accessible information and instructions at their time of need
  • Reduces the support requirements in the transfer and sustainment phases
  • Facilitates minimal losses to productivity and performance.

What we provide

At KBR Training Solutions we take pride in developing CLEAR technical documentation and information solutions:
  • Clear, Concise & Complete
  • Logical
  • Enabling
  • Accessible
  • Referenceable.
Your technical documentation package might include:
  • Policy documents
  • Work instructions and standard operating procedures
  • FAQs
  • Reference guides / user manuals
  • Training and support materials
  • Wikis
  • Context sensitive embedded help.

Why KBR Training Solutions?

  • Results: We have successfully developed documentation and information solutions using a wide variety of media (including SAP Productivity Pak, HTML, single-source DITA) for large Government agencies (including Defence), large corporate enterprises, through to smaller boutique businesses
  • Proven methodologies and expertise: Our consultants have a depth of skills and experience in our design methodology and developing solutions for a diverse range of clients. From the beginning of a project we set up templates, style guides and follow an agreed specification to ensure consistency.
  • Innovation: Our goal is to ensure users receive innovative solutions designed to best meet their specific needs. We are able to present the information in a variety of ways, including web, mobile technologies, in-system, hard-copy, PDF and more.
  • Focus: Our focus is on providing your people with the documentation and information solutions they need in a manner that saves them - and you - time, and money.
For more information about a technical documentation solution tailored to your needs, contact us.
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