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Training Delivery and Management

Are you looking for a trusted training partner to manage your end-to-end training requirement?

Even before our integration with KBR, the Catalyst / KBR team together had a long record of accomplishment in Australia as a Training System Integrator (TSI).

As a wholly owned subsidiary of KBR we have:
  • the skills and experience in every facet of training design, development and delivery and the capacity to flawlessly integrate all components of the training system
  • the continuous improvement processes to ensure that the training systems we design, develop and deliver remain relevant and effective over their lifetime
  • the experience of providing, operating and maintaining infrastructure and training devices to support the delivery of training (integrated logistic support)
  • the financial capacity to fund and maintain infrastructure and other resources required for the training system (public/private partnerships)
  • the project management systems and experience to manage and support complex training projects
  • the systems and corporate resources to manage and maintain a large project workforce (recruitment to demobilisation)
  • the corporate infrastructure and capacity to implement and support information technology systems
  • the experience of successfully partnering with military clients and commercial partners.
And we can demonstrate our credentials in the TSI space in projects such as:

Air 87 - KBR currently conducts aircrew, technician and ground crewman training for the Australian Army on the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter Tiger (Tiger ARH). Under contract with the prime, Australian Aerospace, since 2002, we designed and developed all 27 ARH Tiger courses. Our ARH Tiger training solution includes an optimisation of blended learning using the aircraft, simulators, ground training devices, virtual training devices, computer based training, computer aided instruction, tutorials and scenario based training.
After acceptance of the courses in 2005, we were awarded a multi-year contract to operate and maintain the ARH Training System during the through-life-support (TLS) stage of the program. We deliver all training courses on behalf of Australian Aerospace to the Australian Army at Oakey, Queensland.

Other major integrated training solutions include global eColleges (Gorgon, College of Law, Dept of Foreign Affairs and Trade) and System Implementation (ROMAN - SAP, PMKeyS, JeHDI)

For more information on how we can provide your total training solution, contact us.
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