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Training Solution Analysis and Design

You have a complex set of training requirements but are unsure about the most effective means or methods to achieve meaningful knowledge transfer or behavioural change - we can help you.

There are a range of options available to deliver training for any task. Depending on the nature of the training requirements, the optimal mix might ultimately be a blended learning approach that includes any or all of the following components:
  • Computer aided/based instruction (eLearning)
  • Part task trainers
  • Procedural trainers
  • Face-to-face instruction
  • Embedded training
  • Serious games
  • Simulators
  • On-the-job training.
KBR Training Solutions has a wealth of experience preparing comprehensive Training Management and Support Plans, and Training Needs Analysis (TNA) reports for our clients.

A well-developed TNA will break down the training requirements into its constituent competencies, and these competencies into the desired learning outcomes for all cohorts of your prospective learner groups to establish the optimal recommended mix of training modalities.

During Training Solution Design, recommendations are made about what is to be done, when, where, by whom, with what resources, and how the training outcomes are to be measured and evaluated. You, the client, will then have the data you need on which to base informed training decisions, taking into consideration your budget and schedule restraints.

For more information on how we can assist you to undertake a comprehensive training needs analysis, please contact us. Of course, if you already know what you need, we can also assist you with training materials development.
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