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Virtual Training Solutions

​You have complex, expensive equipment that has to be maintained, and you cannot afford to take it offline just to support the requisite maintenance training. What you really need is a virtual maintenance trainer.

The cost savings and benefits of our virtual training solutions for maintenance training include:
  • maximising trainee and instructor ratios with multiple trainees interacting with the system simultaneously
  • content that can be accessed any time a trainee requires refresher training
  • a distributed architecture that allows trainees and instructors to be operating from different locations using remote computer networks
  • a reduced dependency on paper-based training manuals
  • avoiding the risk of damage to expensive operational equipment by an inexperienced trainee.
KBR Training Solutions has an established capability and expertise in the field of virtual maintenance training. Our virtual training solutions successfully combine the original equipment manufacturer's technical data and maintenance instructions, specialist instructional design and high fidelity real time 3D environments.

We designed, developed and delivered virtual maintenance training systems for the Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (the ARH Tiger) and the MRH90 troop lift helicopter, which were built by Eurocopter and Australian Aerospace for the Australian Defence Force.

The ARH Tiger Virtual Avionics Systems Trainer (VAST) and the MRH90 Virtual Systems Trainer (VST) are based on KBR Training Solutions' Virtual Training Device architecture - known as the VTD.

The VTD engages trainees in a virtual environment where they interact with real-time, high fidelity 3D models of the actual helicopter equipment. Trainee safety is of paramount importance. By using the VTD, the trainees' first contact with the equipment is in a safe virtual environment. Moreover, if a trainee fails a critical step in a procedure, the instructor is notified.

The system features an integrated Learning Management System and Trainee interactions are monitored by the system in multiple training modes.

It is designed to be run on standard commercial ("off the shelf") computer hardware using multiple computer or touch screen displays.

If you want to discuss how we could develop a virtual trainer system to address your maintenance training requirements, please contact us.
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